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How To be sexy-tips

What makes someone sexy? Good question! After all, what's sexy to one person is 'Are you kidding?' to another. I'm not entirely sure whether it makes me sad, hopeful or a resourceful workaholic (it's my job, after all, to work with potential), but I can usually find something sexy about practically every person I meet. As evidenced by one (admittedly rather bleary) morning, standing outside a hotel in Bordeaux, waiting for everyone else to get their act together, and trying hard not to be seduced by the posh shop windows. Instead, I got seduced by the sight of a man who sauntered up the street toward me. These French really have got that sexy look mastered, I thought to myself, I mean look at this guy! The slightly dishevelled hair, shirt buttons undone, deliberately unshaven. It's all so well done, it's a little contrived really, I sniffed… Except… what was he doing rummaging around in that rubbish bin? Turned out the dishevelled look wasn't contrived after all. I know there's probably a law against fancying tramps/making any sort of sexual comment about the less financially fortunate, but it is a compliment and it does illustrate my point. Which is this: sex appeal is all about attitude and aura and making the best of what you've got. This guy wasn't waiting for money or status or society's approval before he'd let himself feel sexy. He just was and being seen rummaging in a rubbish bin didn't stop him throwing me a killer smile and saying something which sounded deliciously naughty. (Well, given the only French I know is 'Pardon. Je parle pa Francoise' - Sorry but I can't speak French - it could have been 'Sod off', quite frankly, but it sounded guttural and gorgeous.) There's a lesson in there for all of us.
Of course, what people really mean when they ask 'What makes someone sexy' is 'Am I sexy' and 'How can I be sexier?'. So let's just get right down to it, shall we? Here's the real secrets of sex appeal, along with how you can use the evidence practically to help boost your sex appeal.
You've on the right track if …
• Both sides of you match. The more symmetrical your face and body, the more sexually attractive you are and the more attention you get. It's not the result of nasty brainwashing by society either - even babies go ga-ga for symmetry. Far more manipulative than the media is Mother Nature. She consistently protects the healthiest of the species by making sure those from the strongest gene pool (in this case, the symmetrical) are seen as the most attractive. While no body is ever truly symmetrical (so stop stressing about your left boob/testicle being smaller/lower than the other right now), appearing 'matched' helps immeasurably. Female bodies are actually programmed to appear 30% more symmetrical on the magical high-conception day after ovulation. Not that it matters terribly much if you're symmetrical the rest of the time, mind you: you were probably shagging anyway! People with symmetrical bodies usually lose their virginity much younger and have more sexual partners than their lop-sided friends. (Which supports my own personal theory that the more attractive (aka symmetrical) you are, the more opportunities you have had to have sex and the higher your sexual scorecard. So all you smug bastards who look wide-eyed when asked and say, 'I've only ever had three' could effectively be saying, 'Only three people have asked me'.)
Lesson: Wear matching socks. (Not much else you can do to influence this one).
• You look like your genitals Err, perhaps I'd better explain this one properly. Sex obsessed creatures which we are, anything which reminds us of sex usually gets us going. A female with full, glossy, red lips is a turn-on because her lips mimic what (he fantasises anyway) is hopefully happening elsewhere: the vagina also 'plumps', moistens and darkens in colour when aroused. Phallic shaped foods like courgettes and bananas also subconsciously influence desire. Which goes a long way to explain why a. hotdogs are so popular (let's not even go there about the sauce); b. people cling to the myth about oysters being an aphrodisiac and c. the 'just got out of bed' look never goes out of fashion (we like to imagine anyone attractive in one - with us of course). In the same vein, a 'fertile' face is seen as a beautiful one. Clear, fresh skin, shiny eyes, youthful plump lips, a cold nose (or is that just dogs?) - a healthy-looking face like that tends to come attached to a body which is bursting to conceive. That's right, good old MN again, guiding us to the people most likely to keep the planet populated!
Lesson: Feel zero guilt when spending up big on lipgloss and load it on.
• You've got a big mouth Researchers created computerised versions of the average female face before getting test groups to rate their attractiveness. The first set were awarded an average attractiveness rating. In the next set, researchers increased the eyes and lips by 10% with this result: the faces were seen as younger and more beautiful. Once these features were exaggerated further however, the faces were universally judged as sexier. Look at the makeup on a typical glamour model: lots of heavy eyeliner to enlarge the eyes, pale, pouty lipgloss to accentuate the lips. Exactly the look you should aim for if you want to inspire lust… and if all you're searching for is a short-term fling. If you're after a long-term love affair, then a totally new set of rules apply! Prepare to bury the 'all men are bastards' theory forever (it's ridiculous anyway!): it's personality, not looks, which men go for in a long-term partner. A sexy face might inspire lust, but it's the girl with an average face and a nice personality who hook up long-term with. Why? It's her again! MN wants men to choose women whose idea of heaven is staying at home to raise their babies rather than dancing half-naked on a podium at a dance party.
Lesson: Looks count but it's your personality which makes people stick around.
• You walk young Along with swinging hips and general 'attitude', there's another crucial element to harness if you want to be seen as sex-on-legs: flexibility. Flexibility is what makes people appear to 'walk young' - an instant winner in the sexy stakes, says US human behaviouralist David Lieberman.
Lesson: Loosen those limbs.
• You make pots of money. If the 'all men are bastards' theory isn't true, the 'all women are bitches' one just might be. Countless studies show women continually go for good looks and money and if forced to choose between the two, money wins every time. I strongly objected to this research, convinced it was inaccurate. I'm not money-obsessed and neither are my girlfriends, so I asked a broad selection of men (aged 15-80) what the real story was. I'm embarrassed to report they and all said this is true of 80% of the women they meet. Maybe it's the old baby theory again (he earns enough to support you), I'd rather believe that than greed.
• You look like a girl, even if you're a bloke Just like men, women go for different types depending on what she wants from the relationship. This was again, all rather nicely illustrated by an experiment which allowed women to control the features on a computer generated face. By moving a bar, she could make the man's face more masculine or feminine looking. Most of the time, the feminine face won her heart because they trusted and felt safer with this sort of look. During ovulation, when women are at their most fertile, the sweet guys didn't even get a look in. Bugger nice, they all said, this is about sex, and they pushed the bar in the other direction to choose the most masculine face possible. But it's not just a case of going for the traditional bad boy look at the time when you're most likely to feel like a bit, evolutionary theory says this is the guy with the most testosterone. Which of course means a guy who'll father healthy offspring and be physically strong enough to protect them from the dangers of outside world. Post ovulation, when lust takes a backseat and logic settles in, the women again rejected the masculine men. Then they were voted too aggressive and womanizing: 'a man like that would want lots of sex and seek it elsewhere if he didn't get it at home'.
Lesson: The message for both sexes is clear: we're attracted to one type of look/person for sex, another type/look to marry. Customize yours to suit.
• Your score on their sexual lovemap. We fancy people who look or act like other people we love or have loved. From the moment we're born, our brain continuously feeds us physical data about people close to us. It divides these characteristics into 'people I like and were nice to me' and 'people I don't like who hurt me', then it tries to generalize. If two-thirds of the people you've disliked had bushy eyebrows, you'll be suspicious of everyone who has a hair or two extra. If it was the opposite, your tongue will be on the floor at the sight of them. When we meet a potential partner, our subconscious checks against the 'liked people' list in our heads and tries to find the closest match. The more 'chemistry' we feel, the more matches we've found. We do the same with gestures. The way she brushes the hair from her neck, the dimple he gets when he smiles, all affect our opinion of who's sexy, who's not. Lesson: Don't take rejection personally. It's not just about you, it's about their past. (All the more reason to take risks and go for what you want!)
• You stick your bum out Women spend their lives trying to reduce the size of their buttocks - yet the more pert and rounded they are, the stronger the sexual signal to men. Bottoms are so integral to sex appeal, zoologist Desmond Morris believes they're even more important than the two matching bumps on our front. Females of all other primates send sexual signals via the colour and smell of their bottoms, which, since they walk on all fours, are in full view of potential mates. Humans have evolved to walk upright and we tend to face people, which means our bottoms aren't on constant display. Breasts provide us with a front-on sexual signalling device. Not only do they mimic our buttocks to attract a partner, our nipples tend to stiffen with desire to show we fancy them. (Unfortunately, a cold breeze has the same effect which confuses things somewhat, but the thought was there).
To show your bottom off to its best advantage, turn your back to someone you fancy, put your hand on one hip, shift your body weight so the hip with your hand on it juts out furthest, then turn your upper torso around and make eye contact. Just as good: put your hand in the back pocket of a tight-fitting pair of jeans or (absently) slide both hands over your hips. The overall show-off-your-bottom award though goes to… high heels. Heels lengthen legs and shorten bottoms. According to the Harper's Index (yes, bizarre as it sounds, there is an index for measuring this), the average increase in the protrusion of a woman's buttocks wearing heels is 25 percent. (This, remember, is a good thing.) They might not have their own ass-index, but a tight, toned male bottom also rates extremely high on the 'Cor!' sex scale for women.
Lesson: Stop asking 'Does my bum look big in this?' and start asking, 'Does my bum look big enough?'
• You've perfected one supersexy look Some people seem born knowing how to turn legs and loins to jelly with one look. The best look I've ever received was from a guy sitting opposite me in a restaurant. I was having a business lunch, he was there with friends and I noticed him because he had the sexiest mouth I've ever seen in my life. Over the next two hours he drank 3 glasses of wine, ate salmon fishcakes but skipped dessert (doesn't have a sweet tooth), divulged plans to buy a house on the river, would love to come to Peter's place for dinner next week and if the neighbour's cat pees on his front porch one more time it's history. Not that I was looking at him or eavesdropping or anything. I was hardly noticed he was there. OK, in between staying supremely focused on the work issues I was discussing with a colleague (not), I might have darted a few (65 billion) little glances at him. He looked at me just once. His eyes slid up, caught mine and then, maintaining eye contact, he sat back, put down his knife and fork and simply stared at me. His lips curled in a half-smile which made me drop my eyes to look at his mouth and that's when he caught his bottom lip with his teeth, released it slowly and then, when my eyes went back up to his, smiled. It wasn't a 'Would like to get to know you' smile. It wasn't even an 'I've watched you watching me' smile. This was predatory: a we-both-know-I-could-make-you-faint-with-pleasure smile. I suspect he was right because I damn near fainted on the spot, without him even touching me. Now, that's what I call sexy.
Mr Sexy Stranger had it down pat. Happily, it's something everyone can learn. Practise in front of a mirror. Yes, you will feel like a right twit but who cares if you can waltz around making people swoon all over the place.
Lesson: Copy what he did or invent your own. Choose from the many eye contact techniques in the book, then add your own individual mouth, hand or hair movements until you've come up with your own signature 'sex look'.
• You've chosen your moment Certain events and situations make us more attractive to someone. If someone's just been dumped, lost their job or been through a rough time, they're much more likely to find you sexy than when life's going well. When your self-esteem is low, you underestimate your own attractiveness and over-estimate other people's. You're vulnerable, need a cuddle and are less fussy about who gives it to you! Being scared also has the same effect - but for different reasons. Research shows when our bodies are flooded with adrenaline, we're more likely to fancy whoever is with us at the time. Which makes mountain climbing or skydiving a damn good option for a date (though a rollercoaster ride or seeing a good thriller will also do the trick). Lesson: This also means it pays to be around immediately before and after things like job interviews and dreaded public speaking events. If you fancy them, volunteer to hold their hand.
• You don't go overboard on the compliments Once, while making a TV show, I had to be filmed walking in and out of the front doors of a busy bar. Needless to say, this took rather a long time since it's pointless even bothering to ask big groups of drunk people not to look at someone repeatedly making an entrance surrounded by three whopping great cameras. Anyway, the first time I walked in, a guy sitting near the bar said to me, 'I read somewhere that you're 35 but there's no way you are. You're having us all on.' Given that I was 39 at the time, I was obviously flattered and the next walk was a lot bloody jauntier, let me tell you. Problem was, he insisted in telling me the same thing every single time I came through the door. All 10 takes were ruined by his you-don't-look-your-age line, to the point where you had to assume he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. My suspicions were confirmed (and ego dashed to the ground) when another man came bursting through the doors to claim him. 'He escaped,' he said, 'He's not meant to be unaccompanied'. Excellent.
You get my point though. When someone tells us we're sexy, young-looking, funny, clever - whatever - it has the optimum effect the first time it's said. Keep harping on about it and you not only dilute the compliment, you get the opposite reaction to the one intended: instead of liking you, they find you annoying.
Lesson: Only compliment people once on that particular attribute.
• They know you fancy them We fancy people who fancy us. If you know someone thinks you're brilliant, you instantly up their attractiveness to make it more of a compliment. It also forces you to consider them as a prospective partner and - perhaps most importantly - provides some (often much-needed) feedback. You've got to have hope or you give up. There's no point in being attracted to someone when we know without a doubt, there isn't a chance in hell of ever waking up to find their face beside yours on the pillow.
Lesson: Let people know if you think they're sexy.
• You're happy to get your gear off Few of us are completely happy with our body and proud to prance around naked. Yet nothing is sexier when it's let's-get-naked time than someone who shows off their bits and let's their lover admire them, rather than cowering under the covers. There's loads on getting over a bad body image on pX, but I just want to have a little word here about size hang-ups. Most particularly that size hang-up guys. I know you've heard it before but I'm going to tell you again (and you have to listen to me because I'm a 'sexpert' remember?): people don't fall in love with bits, they fall in love with the person they're attached to. Make this your personal mantra if you are concerned you're too small. There's loads you can do to even it all up - any good sexual manual will fill you in on the specifics - so do your homework, but then forget about it. (To solve any misconceptions once and for all, here are all the statistics you could possibly want. An average flaccid (relaxed) penis is about 4 inches long, 1 ¼ inches in diameter and has a circumference of 3 ½ inches. An average erect penis is about 6 inches long, 1 ½ inches in diameter, with a circumference of 4 ½ inches. While we're on the topic, penises don't seem to be proportionate to body size either. The tall, muscle-bound body builder doesn't necessarily have a large penis. If anything, there appears to be an inverse connection. Evidence suggests small, slender men often have proportionally larger genitals.)
Lesson: Relax about your body. The only time size is a problem is when it's turned into one through paranoia.

159 Insulin's Role in Your Muscular Physique

Insulin is one of the most crucial hormones around when it comes to building a better physique. It plays a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and is a critical player in the minutes and hours immediately following your workout. Hence, it is frequently mentioned in articles but not often explained. Here is the mini playbook on insulin.

What It Is 

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and has a significant role in the regulation of fat and carbohydratesmetabolism. Insulin enhances the uptake of glucose into skeletal muscle, liver and fat tissue.

Why It's Important

Although it is commonly thought that insulin is just a fat storage hormone or anti-catabolic hormone (both accurate), this is an overly simplistic view. Insulin also plays an important role in reducing appetite.
In addition without insulin, a lot of the processes that occur in the body will go unregulated. For instance, breakdown of muscle protein will accelerate via a process known as proteolysis. The elevated protein in the blood is then converted to glucose, a process known as gluconeogenesis, and the end result is hyperglycemia. Lypolysis (the breakdown of fat) will also go unabated resulting in excess ketones with the end result being ketoacidosis, which can be fatal if left unchecked.
So insulin's primary role is that of a regulator, not a fat storage or anti-catabolic hormone. In addition, insulin isn't really needed to transport glucose to tissues. Studies have shown that insulin actually enhances glucose uptake into cells via the transporter GLUT4. Thus, even without insulin, glucose can still get to tissues.

How It's Managed for Greater Gains

Most people know how important carbohydrate (glycogen/glucose) is to performance in the gym and overall health. Insulin sensitivity is high following exercise but GLUT4 is the major transporter responsible for exercise-induced glucose transport. As well, training is the most potent stimulus to increase skeletal muscle GLUT4 expression (turning it on).
This plays a role in insulin action and muscle glycogen storage after exercise. Furthermore, the longer you go after exercise, the more this effect decreases. This means it is probably a good idea to consume the bulk of your carbohydrates shortly after your workout. The advantage is that most of the calories consumed shortly after are partitioned favorably towards skeletal muscle, which in turn facilitates better adaptation from training. However, it does not mean you will lose muscle mass if you don’t. After all, total calories at the end of the day still takes priority over timing of nutrients. 


Boiled Corn | Medicine Of The Season

Boiled corn is a medicine for your body

In summer, after the diet I started eating healthy, but with minor defects. I sometimes twice a day, as I always do in the gym. I love sports and fitness, aerobics, tae-bo, Kangoo Jumps and beautiful tons. Earlier this year, I decided to keep the new regime dissociated still managed to lose 6 pounds.
I continued after dissociated diet and the first and the second time because I changed my lifestyle.

At this point I 130 pounds and I have not reached the "goal." Because sport is now part of me, my goal here is to become a fitness instructor, aerobics and Kangoo jumps. I want to see better, and why not, as one of those fitness models.
boiled corn

Reasons why you should eat boiled corn

  • Compounds of boiled corn increases elasticity of blood vessels, increasing the amount of elastin. This provides better oxygenation and nourishment to the entire body and decreases the risk of arrhythmias, stroke and heart attack.
  • After a 15-day diet of corn can be seen alleviate nausea, headaches, to fatigue or insomnia.
  • Corn cooked cause increased burning liver cells increases, resulting in more proteins and hormones needed for a healthy body. Even if we eat very little meat or fast a short period.
  • A weighted boiled corn consumption can lead to weight loss due to a molecular mechanism that hastens the degradation of fats. Corn is a good medicine for weight loss.
  • Other research has shown that some cyclic nitrogen compounds resulting from boiling corn can grow significant endorsement of intelligent analysis and fast synthesis capacity of memory.
  • Plentiful boiled corn contains a carotenoid called beta-cryptoxanthin, which has the ability to prevent lung cancer.
  • One cup of corn provides 15% of the RDA of vitamin B5, responsible with the energy of the body.
  • German researchers have found that thiamine intake through daily corn consumption may decrease the rate of aging of the brain by 5-10% per year in women and 2-6% per year in men, thus having a prophylactic role in Alzheimer’s disease .
  • Vitamin E, found in corn composition, participate in the renewal of cells and produce increased amounts of oxygen in the blood. Lowers cholesterol.
  • Due to the richness in fiber, boiled corn regulates bowel movement. It is also a good diuretic and consumed regularly, can prevent water retention in the body (swollen feet are a consequence of this retention).
  • Consumption of corn for a period exceeding 25 days can increase by up to 7-8% of the total length of the network of capillary blood vessels. This has the effect of decreasing the accumulation of toxins in the body, slowing the aging, and illness of all organs.
  • Corn works well in diseases such as kidney stones, chronic cystitis, atherosclerosis, vitamin deficiency, neurosis, obesity, gastritis and ulcer, biliary dyskinesia, poisoning, respiratory diseases and sexual disorders, rheumatism, arteritis, tonsillitis or bacterial infection.

Dissociated Diet | Loreen Story And Schedule

My name is Sarah, I’m 19 and I’m from Paris. Since I was a little child I had problems with weight. At 14 I tried to keep a very strict diet in two months managed to lose about 18 pounds, but then returning to unhealthy eating habits, I immediately put the lost weight back.
Find out how to significantly lose weight with sports and diet!
In early 2012, I started fitness, with the hope that I will help you, but I had not considered and proper nutrition. For three months I did not have results, because I ate so much. Then I realized it was time to do something about nutrition, so I chose dissociated diet, which lasted three months, during which I lost 42 pounds.
The dissociated diet
This plan is divided into four days, but the day it is, the morning meal consists only of fruit. After the fourth day resumed for 90 calendar days.

First day - protein: meat, cheese or eggs and chicken broth (only juice) with a slice of bread, and in the evening the same thing, except the soup.
The next day - the fruit at lunch and dinner.
Third day - carbohydrates: spaghetti lunch (just cooked) spaghetti with various sauces and afternoon quarter of the cake.
Fourth day - fruits throughout the day.
It was not difficult to accommodate me and I felt really good.
dissociated diet
In summer, after the diet I started eating healthy, but with minor defects. I sometimes twice a day, as I always do in the gym. I love sports and fitness, aerobics, tae-bo, Kangoo Jumps and beautiful tons. Earlier this year, I decided to keep the new regime dissociated still managed to lose 6 pounds.
I continued after dissociated diet and the first and the second time because I changed my lifestyle.

At this point I 130 pounds and I have not reached the \"goal.\" Because sport is now part of me, my goal here is to become a fitness instructor, aerobics and Kangoo jumps. I want to see better, and why not, as one of those fitness models.


Starvation | Why Isn’t Good To Lose Weight?

Why starvation isn’t good for weight loss?

Hunger or severe caloric restriction maintains its popularity among people who want to lose weight. Especially young people, under the influence of the figure mirage quickly get very restrictive food choices. But be careful! Besides the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hunger leads to yo-yo effect. In this process, the food is first able to get a weight loss, but fails to maintain the long-term loss of weight gain begins
Find out why starvation can not help you to lose weight and how it affects your body health!
A person who uses calorie restriction (less than 800 calories / day) the false impression that the body does not get food, use the fat reserves instead. In fact, what is happening, but only the first two days. Then, the body pulls the alarm! Aware that receives more food drastically reduce the loss of calories by reducing the metabolic rate. Therefore, regardless of the food you get, how little, take a lot more time consuming. It also stores a portion of the food you eat, the body tries to replenish their fat reserves for the next period.

Muscles first affected

When lose glucose, the main energy source, the body starts using glycogen stored in the liver. They shall get up to 12 hours, after which it will begin to feed himself using the glycogen stored in the muscles. Muscle loss is the main adverse effect of starvation as a method of weight loss. This is because, as we know, muscles are the only that can help us to lose weight healthily, being an “engine” which supports fat burning. Moreover, muscles are made from 70% water. When there is a severe caloric restriction, in that muscle, glycogen is used, there is a loss of water. So instead burn fat, lose muscle mass and lots of water, which will be quickly absorbed back when hydrated.
In starvation diets, decreases production of thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism and the body begins to store energy. For this reason appears fatigue and lack of energy.

The yo-yo effect? Present!

Another negative effect of starvation is accumulation of pounds after giving up starving. Why does this happen? Because during a severe calorie dieting inevitably consume fewer calories. This slows down the metabolism (20-25%) and entry into a state of rest in which you conserve energy and keep fat reserves. When you give up that diet and caloric intake will return to normal, metabolism remain in that state of slowing down and any calorie surplus that had yet to do will be deposited as fat. In this case, the person feels weak, but still big in the areas where there is fat.

The side effects of starvation

The sum of the effects include severe caloric restriction produce muscle atrophy, constipation, insomnia, weakness, irritability, and decreased levels of hormones. In addition, deficiency of vitamins and minerals is common: lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine) causes beriberi disease, vitamin B3 (niacin) produces pellagra, vitamin C produces scurvy and produce anemia iron deficiency.
starvation diet

Lose weight and then gain weight fast

A study published in the New York Times in 2011 by Dr. Joseph Proietto 50 obese men and women shows how dangerous it is hungry. Males weigh on average 230 pounds and women over 200 pounds. The patients underwent an extreme diet, low in calories, which consisted mainly of shingles and two cups of low starch vegetables, totaling just 500 to 550 calories a day for eight weeks. After ten weeks, patients lost an average of 30 pounds of weight loss stopped and began to decline. Reported that hunger is more intense and are more concerned with food than before to lose weight.
The results showed that the body act as if it were subject to hunger and work at full capacity to regain lost weight. For instance, a gastric hormone is often called the \"hunger hormone,\" was about 20 percent higher than in the reference scenario. Another hormone associated with hunger, peptide YY, was also abnormally low. The level of leptin, a hormone that suppresses hunger is still lower than expected.
To avoid these problems, follow a healthy and balanced diet to lose 6-12 pounds per month, or 10% of its total weight in 6 months. In this case, healthy eating becomes a way of life to avoid fat accumulation over time.


Myths About Weight Loss

6 myths about weight loss

Everyone gives advice because everyone seems to be specialized in loss diets nutrition and weight. But this way misinformation is transmitted from one person to another, and we finally got some good advice. Here are six myths about weight loss in women!

Fat diet is healthy


Do not exclude all dietary fats, as they play an important role in the body. But to understand why some fats are good, you should know some cholesterol. It is a fatty substance produced primarily by the liver. A healthy cholesterol level in the blood is essential for the production of hormones and for the smooth functioning of cellular metabolism. There is good cholesterol, HDL and bad cholesterol, LDL.

Bad cholesterol, which is present in the saturated fatty acids in meat, cheese, butter, pastry, etc., are deposited on the inner walls of the arteries.

Good cholesterol found in unsaturated fats in olive or avocado oil, carry cholesterol deposited in the arteries to the liver. Therefore, women need a daily 30 grams of fat and 40 grams for men minimum. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a low fat diet to lose weight, but only eliminate foods that contain saturated fats.

Drastic diets are effective for weight loss


They can be short ... but nobody wants to be thin two weeks and round like a donut for several weeks.

In the long term, it can have a negative impact in terms of heavy and fast to the overall health performance. Furthermore, in addition to fat loss, strict diets cause loss of muscle mass. So you have to choose a balanced diet, durable and can be easy to lose pounds and healthy.

6 myths about weight loss 1

Dinner earn more


The only hint of truth in the claim is that if you eat yogurt with muesli in the morning, at noon a grilled chicken with coleslaw and dinner a pot of potatoes with fried pork, mayonnaise and chocolate cake.

It is important to total calories received in 24 hours. It is true that people who skip meals and snacks during the day tend to eat larger amounts of the night and therefore are much more likely to be obese than those who eat regularly throughout the day. This is explained by the fact that healthy eating and appetite control regular temporary help and the amount of food consumed.

The calorie foods cause rapid weight gain


Did you know it takes 7000 calories of normal daily intake to one pound of fat? If we have two scales and extra pounds after a meal in the city, do not despair, it is because the excess liquid. These books will disappear in the next few days, if it gets to a balanced diet.

Many people feel guilty and think that ruined your diet if you eat foods high in calories a meal. No, just take care of these powerful calorie foods to be balanced with healthy foods and regular physical activity.

6 myths about weight loss

Quitting smoking makes you gain weight


Myth that, in fact, some people gained weight after stopping. But these people have replaced smoking with snacks. So once the food supply is larger, it is natural to take place and gain weight, quit smoking, but is not related. Chewing gum or low-calorie vegetables can be a great help after the last cigarette, unlike other hollow and full of nutrients and calories food crackers.

In addition, as some people have and others have lost weight, others have kept the weight off.

One thing is certain: it is healthier than non-smokers fat to be a person of normal weight, which does not give nicotine with weight gain as an excuse.


Fitness affiliate-the truth about it!

Fitness affiliate programs online

Affiliate fitness programs offer individuals the opportunity to make money by proposing the creation of links to a site that sells merchandise related fitness. Participation in this opportunity can be a great way to make an income on the basis of the direction of people on sales sites and recruit others to join the program fitness Affiliate.

fitness Affiliate how to?

 Unlike other affiliate programs, these programs have products that are oriented only attract people who are interested in health and exercise fitness Affiliate.While other occasions sometimes end by offering products or services through the affiliate page, affiliate programs online that often forms members members use the information in the exercise and advice sites members to develop to help people and not just banners or other promotional materials.

There are many opportunities to earn an income that way. For a person with a website that is based health, adding a banner or a link to the main site can provide benefits based on sales that go to the site of individuals fitness Affiliate. People who are members of the site will be stored for several days in a year. Register for fitness affiliate programs online is often free or inexpensive, allowing the person to receive the proceeds of little or no risk.

 There is also the possibility that income by recruiting other members in the program. On one occasion, which requires payment of membership,fitness Affiliate the recruiter may receive a portion of the tax. Other programs offer the recruiter the opportunity to receive a small percentage of sales are directed from the member recruited fitness Affiliate. This percentage is usually between five and ten percent. Some programs also offer an additional opportunity to receive between two and five percent of sales to hiring recruits. This is known as an affiliate program often three levels.

fitness Affiliate what to do?

There are many different options that can be found online and seem to be a popular choice. This can be especially true around the New Year holiday when people make resolutions or in the summer when there are more sports and activities available. An important product sold through affiliate programs online is equipment fitness exercise. Electronic products such as treadmills and stair can be found with products such as dumbbells and weight benches fitness Affiliate. speed training or clothing is another popular product that can be found through this kind of opportunity. Some options even offer products with the name or logo of the affiliate program for people to buy. Other products such as training videos for different forms or exercises can be acquired through affiliate fitness programs found on the Internet. There are many training courses or different routines that people can try to fit your style or athletic ability. The choice of a product can be a great way to find fitness equipment, clothing,fitness Affiliate and training assistance.

These opportunities provide an opportunity for people to earn money while managing or maintaining a website fitness Affiliate. For the person with a system based on fitness website, adding banners and promotional materials for affiliate programs fitness can offer money for sales that are directed to the website members.

fitness Affiliate how?

 There is also the opportunity to make extra money from the sale when it is a two or three levels where you can make money from sales through recruitment Web sites. There are a number of different products that can be purchased through affiliate online fitness programs. Equipment, sportswear and workout videos are all popular products and purchases that can be found. Unlike other programs,fitness Affiliate many affiliate programs online fitness offer the user the option to use different tools and tips for your websites to promote health, exercise and nutrition. This is a great way to encourage people to stay active and purchasing fitness equipment fitness Affiliate. Health and well-being are important elements of life and can be maintained through the purchase of equipment and products through the exercise of these programs. Health is particularly important for Christians because the Bible teaches people to take care of your body and soul. "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou maybes prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosper." (3 John 1:2)

what is the best pole for fitness Affiliate?

Although most of the opportunities only links or banners on the pages of members, members often provide additional health information for use on member sites fitness Affiliate. Tips can be a very important addition to a website that provides information Fitness and links to products. Advice on exercise, nutrition,fitness Affiliate and other health information can be a source of motivation for people to encourage them to buy health products to improve your health.

 Health tools can also be a great success in the pages of affiliates. BMI calculators to calculate whether a person found in a range of average weight overweight or obese may be useful to appeal to people who may not be fitness Affiliate in the normal range fitness Affiliate. Other tools such as daily exercise can also be helpful in attracting people to buy these products from affiliate programs fitness.