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Myths About Weight Loss

6 myths about weight loss

Everyone gives advice because everyone seems to be specialized in loss diets nutrition and weight. But this way misinformation is transmitted from one person to another, and we finally got some good advice. Here are six myths about weight loss in women!

Fat diet is healthy


Do not exclude all dietary fats, as they play an important role in the body. But to understand why some fats are good, you should know some cholesterol. It is a fatty substance produced primarily by the liver. A healthy cholesterol level in the blood is essential for the production of hormones and for the smooth functioning of cellular metabolism. There is good cholesterol, HDL and bad cholesterol, LDL.

Bad cholesterol, which is present in the saturated fatty acids in meat, cheese, butter, pastry, etc., are deposited on the inner walls of the arteries.

Good cholesterol found in unsaturated fats in olive or avocado oil, carry cholesterol deposited in the arteries to the liver. Therefore, women need a daily 30 grams of fat and 40 grams for men minimum. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a low fat diet to lose weight, but only eliminate foods that contain saturated fats.

Drastic diets are effective for weight loss


They can be short ... but nobody wants to be thin two weeks and round like a donut for several weeks.

In the long term, it can have a negative impact in terms of heavy and fast to the overall health performance. Furthermore, in addition to fat loss, strict diets cause loss of muscle mass. So you have to choose a balanced diet, durable and can be easy to lose pounds and healthy.

6 myths about weight loss 1

Dinner earn more


The only hint of truth in the claim is that if you eat yogurt with muesli in the morning, at noon a grilled chicken with coleslaw and dinner a pot of potatoes with fried pork, mayonnaise and chocolate cake.

It is important to total calories received in 24 hours. It is true that people who skip meals and snacks during the day tend to eat larger amounts of the night and therefore are much more likely to be obese than those who eat regularly throughout the day. This is explained by the fact that healthy eating and appetite control regular temporary help and the amount of food consumed.

The calorie foods cause rapid weight gain


Did you know it takes 7000 calories of normal daily intake to one pound of fat? If we have two scales and extra pounds after a meal in the city, do not despair, it is because the excess liquid. These books will disappear in the next few days, if it gets to a balanced diet.

Many people feel guilty and think that ruined your diet if you eat foods high in calories a meal. No, just take care of these powerful calorie foods to be balanced with healthy foods and regular physical activity.

6 myths about weight loss

Quitting smoking makes you gain weight


Myth that, in fact, some people gained weight after stopping. But these people have replaced smoking with snacks. So once the food supply is larger, it is natural to take place and gain weight, quit smoking, but is not related. Chewing gum or low-calorie vegetables can be a great help after the last cigarette, unlike other hollow and full of nutrients and calories food crackers.

In addition, as some people have and others have lost weight, others have kept the weight off.

One thing is certain: it is healthier than non-smokers fat to be a person of normal weight, which does not give nicotine with weight gain as an excuse.


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