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Boiled Corn | Medicine Of The Season

Boiled corn is a medicine for your body

In summer, after the diet I started eating healthy, but with minor defects. I sometimes twice a day, as I always do in the gym. I love sports and fitness, aerobics, tae-bo, Kangoo Jumps and beautiful tons. Earlier this year, I decided to keep the new regime dissociated still managed to lose 6 pounds.
I continued after dissociated diet and the first and the second time because I changed my lifestyle.

At this point I 130 pounds and I have not reached the "goal." Because sport is now part of me, my goal here is to become a fitness instructor, aerobics and Kangoo jumps. I want to see better, and why not, as one of those fitness models.
boiled corn

Reasons why you should eat boiled corn

  • Compounds of boiled corn increases elasticity of blood vessels, increasing the amount of elastin. This provides better oxygenation and nourishment to the entire body and decreases the risk of arrhythmias, stroke and heart attack.
  • After a 15-day diet of corn can be seen alleviate nausea, headaches, to fatigue or insomnia.
  • Corn cooked cause increased burning liver cells increases, resulting in more proteins and hormones needed for a healthy body. Even if we eat very little meat or fast a short period.
  • A weighted boiled corn consumption can lead to weight loss due to a molecular mechanism that hastens the degradation of fats. Corn is a good medicine for weight loss.
  • Other research has shown that some cyclic nitrogen compounds resulting from boiling corn can grow significant endorsement of intelligent analysis and fast synthesis capacity of memory.
  • Plentiful boiled corn contains a carotenoid called beta-cryptoxanthin, which has the ability to prevent lung cancer.
  • One cup of corn provides 15% of the RDA of vitamin B5, responsible with the energy of the body.
  • German researchers have found that thiamine intake through daily corn consumption may decrease the rate of aging of the brain by 5-10% per year in women and 2-6% per year in men, thus having a prophylactic role in Alzheimer’s disease .
  • Vitamin E, found in corn composition, participate in the renewal of cells and produce increased amounts of oxygen in the blood. Lowers cholesterol.
  • Due to the richness in fiber, boiled corn regulates bowel movement. It is also a good diuretic and consumed regularly, can prevent water retention in the body (swollen feet are a consequence of this retention).
  • Consumption of corn for a period exceeding 25 days can increase by up to 7-8% of the total length of the network of capillary blood vessels. This has the effect of decreasing the accumulation of toxins in the body, slowing the aging, and illness of all organs.
  • Corn works well in diseases such as kidney stones, chronic cystitis, atherosclerosis, vitamin deficiency, neurosis, obesity, gastritis and ulcer, biliary dyskinesia, poisoning, respiratory diseases and sexual disorders, rheumatism, arteritis, tonsillitis or bacterial infection.

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