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Dissociated Diet | Loreen Story And Schedule

My name is Sarah, I’m 19 and I’m from Paris. Since I was a little child I had problems with weight. At 14 I tried to keep a very strict diet in two months managed to lose about 18 pounds, but then returning to unhealthy eating habits, I immediately put the lost weight back.
Find out how to significantly lose weight with sports and diet!
In early 2012, I started fitness, with the hope that I will help you, but I had not considered and proper nutrition. For three months I did not have results, because I ate so much. Then I realized it was time to do something about nutrition, so I chose dissociated diet, which lasted three months, during which I lost 42 pounds.
The dissociated diet
This plan is divided into four days, but the day it is, the morning meal consists only of fruit. After the fourth day resumed for 90 calendar days.

First day - protein: meat, cheese or eggs and chicken broth (only juice) with a slice of bread, and in the evening the same thing, except the soup.
The next day - the fruit at lunch and dinner.
Third day - carbohydrates: spaghetti lunch (just cooked) spaghetti with various sauces and afternoon quarter of the cake.
Fourth day - fruits throughout the day.
It was not difficult to accommodate me and I felt really good.
dissociated diet
In summer, after the diet I started eating healthy, but with minor defects. I sometimes twice a day, as I always do in the gym. I love sports and fitness, aerobics, tae-bo, Kangoo Jumps and beautiful tons. Earlier this year, I decided to keep the new regime dissociated still managed to lose 6 pounds.
I continued after dissociated diet and the first and the second time because I changed my lifestyle.

At this point I 130 pounds and I have not reached the \"goal.\" Because sport is now part of me, my goal here is to become a fitness instructor, aerobics and Kangoo jumps. I want to see better, and why not, as one of those fitness models.


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