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The Ultimate Muscle Building Program - If You Can Handle It

Bodybuilders and weight trainers are constantly looking for cutting-edge magic program or exercise routine that will help you quickly and easily pack large amounts of muscle in a short period of time.

I hate to tell you this, but there is no such thing.

But that does not mean that there are not many programs that are much more effective than others.

This is one of the best.

There are two keys to progress and building muscle. The first is the smart training. The second is training hard.

This routine will drive you harder than ever. Do not get me wrong, the hard training is the key to develop muscles.

And there is nothing more difficult to rep bodybuilding "death defines" high in the leg and back to work on exercises like the squat and deadlift.

Conducting a series of high rep squat or deadlift with a maximum weight is one of the most demanding, challenging exercises that you can do more brutal.

When was the last time you saw someone do these exercises in the gym?

And when was the last time you saw someone at the gym to add a lot of muscle in a short time?

Note that the hard work will not cut it.

Which is "almost" all is not enough. You must go all out, hold nothing back, attack these groups with the intensity of the animal.

If you do, you will be rewarded with many new muscles.

You also have to work up some serious poundages. 155 for a group of 20 in the squat is not going to cut it.

You must be constantly trying to add weight to the bar.

Radar Peary, the founder of Ironman magazine, started this routine with just the bar (which is a whopping £ 45) and finally worked up to 300 pounds for a set of 20 repetitions in the squat.

You have to put everything you have, every ounce of will and effort in this type of training.

If you do, and you get enough nutritious calories, you will grow.

Do not worry, as brutally difficult as it is so short. Not much work for the rest of your body. You'll have plenty of rest and recuperation.

For example, you could squat program, working two days a week as follows:

Squat 1 x 20 (not including warm-up)
Chin Ups 2 x 10
Bench Press 2 x 10
Military Press 2 x 10
Lying Triceps Extension 1 x 10
Seated Dumbbell Curl 1 x 10
That's it. However, you probably have a break of five minutes or more after the series of squats if they are right.

Try this muscle building program for 6 weeks.

The formation of two times per week.
Add five pounds to squat every workout.
Eat lots of good food.
Get enough rest.
Add muscle.

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