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surf fitness-the best

When HIGH SURF began in mid-2000,Surf Fitness we had no idea how he would react surfers. Fill ridiculous? Reluctant acceptance? Passionate hug? For most,Surf Fitness it was an enthusiastic embrace (with a little ridiculous and inevitable rejection). All we know at the time that the training that we ourselves do, makes all the difference in our experience of surfing in Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

 We were convinced that without the training I did in the offseason,Surf Fitness there is no way we would be able to navigate - and enjoy - the most difficult days on the beach. Based on these data empirical, we knew that other surfers might benefit from our program Surf Fitness. So, based on many years of training and exercise science to the study and hands on practical study, which met the first time, follow along workout program for surfers on video . We put it on DVD, and we put it in the world.

Surf Fitness what to do?

 We held our breath. And then we sat - pleasantly surprised - that orders and positive feedback started pouring in. We went to the construction of our site, do a lot more videos, conduct training in the online help and start a silent revolution in the surf: Revolution Fitness surf. Today, training for surfing, training for surfing is more widespread than ever. And guess what? Surfers of all levels (not just pros) Top navigate, less injuries and more enjoyment of the sport. And we could not be happier with it. Surfers start getting - better fitness equals better surfing.

Perhaps one of the best examples is a recent video clip back and come underbid, Nat Young. In the video, we see Nat go through the steps, surf-specific exercises start and explain the benefits of training. Nat said well,Surf Fitness and we are pleased to see that. Check it out below Surf Fitness.

Stay healthy, you see in the water,

The Surf Stronger Crew

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