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ways to avoid smoking - the best ways about it

Smoking is harmful to health. The snuff can cause fatal incurable lung cancer. Knowing that is harmful to them and to those around them, many people find it very difficult to quit smoking. Young, especially smoking because they think it's great, avoid smoking but do not realize that they are risking their health.avoid smoking Although not easy to stop, it is not impossible to do. If you've been wanting to stop smoking Here are 10 ways to help.

1. Gradually reduce

Try quitting suddenly can make you weak, avoid smoking anxious and irritated. So try to reduce the number of cigarettes gradually. Having control over the number you smoke every day and not exceed.

2. Plenty of water

Water is the best solution in most cases.avoid smoking As a first step to quit smoking, drinking a lot of water to get rid of all the toxins in your body snuff. Avoid smoking This will help to remove your body system.

3. Do not take tension

Stress is a major reason why people start smoking. But avoid smoking they do not realize that smoking is not the only way to abstain. In fact,avoid smoking it is the most harmful. The best way is to think positively and deal with it maturity.

4. Exercise or choose a hobby

Exercise is a good way to reduce avoid smoking the craving for snuff. Saving half hour jogging, running, walking or climbing stairs help reduce cigarette consumption gradually. If you do not want to do this, you can choose to make your favorite for a few minutes a day of hobby. This will distract you and keep you smoking.

5. Relax

Keep your mind and body relaxed is very important. Meditation exercises, avoid smoking, yoga and breathing are the best way to relax the mind. Pamper yourself with massages and spas that reduce stress and make you active.

6. Say no to alcohol and

The process of reducing cigarette consumption may increase another bad habit of drinking. This can be dangerous because it can damage the liver. And not to increase the consumption of alcohol while trying to reduce cigarette.

7. Try substitutes

You can ask for temporary help to reduce smoking by having pills, nicotine patches or avoid smoking gum as a substitute for snuff. But do not do too well as you can become addicted to it. Instead of smoking a cigarette after dinner,avoid smoking chewing gum is a better option.

8. Take control of your desire

Do not go for the stick of poison, although the temptation to smoke. The best way to prevent it is to slow. When you feel like having a smoke control yourself and try to slow down and engage in a job. In this way, it will keep you busy and your avoid smoking mind away.

9. Tell people

When talking about this topic for friends and family, who constantly reminds you you're not believe smoking and help you quit. Because telling yourself is not enough sometimes. Other reminders will make your decision to quit stronger.

10. Jeter triggers

Stay away from all those things that remind you of cigarettes. Throwing ashtrays, get rid of cigarette packs and not overeat. Overeating tempted to smoke. Avoid standing next to a friend or a person who smokes. Keep saying avoid smoking that you are a non-smoker.

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