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High Protein Weight Loss Diets

A high protein diet is rich in foods that contain large amounts of protein and limiting foods high in carbohydrates. These plans are considered a safe way to lose weight.
Although there are some developers of high-protein diets, low carb insist that all vegetables and fruits should be limited for long periods of time, doctors agree that most of the fruits and vegetables you can eat.

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is probably the high-protein diet most popular, and the plan can be followed for free The Atkins plan recommends eliminating sugar, carbohydrates limits and eat more protein. Limit carbohydrates helps the body turn fat into energy.
 This, in turn, helps the body lose weight. A diet rich in protein that keeps the body informed driven energy and help build muscle.

Atkins diet limits intake of carbohydrates initially to 30 g per day. Carbohydrates that are displayed may vary depending on the amount of weight a person needs to lose too. Foods to avoid completely potatoes, bread, pasta, and most of the fruit, at least in the early stages of the diet.

Professionals can expect to see rapid weight loss, at least in the first weeks of the diet.

Protein diet with moderate carbohydrate

While people have lost weight on the Atkins diet, there is another opportunity to eat a high protein diet for weight loss. Eat a diet rich in protein, moderate carbohydrates. This system is especially good for people with diabetes.

 This system, like the Atkins diet prohibits potatoes, corn, sugar and pasta. However, fruits, vegetables and whole wheat, rye and sourdough bread are good to eat in moderation.

Who follow this diet are more likely to continue this style of eating for life. Because there are many choices, diet is easy to follow. Carbohydrates should be limited to about 30 to eat.

People who follow a diet moderate in carbohydrates people should expect to see the weight decreases slowly at a rate of about 1-2 pounds. one week.

Protein amounts

The University of Maryland Medical Center offers an online calculator that provides the minimum amount of protein for your daily protein needs.
 A good rule of thumb is to add an additional 20 grams of protein daily intake of a diet high in protein.

The advice of Dr.

Talk to your doctor before starting a weight loss program. If a person suffers from a liver problem, kidneydisease or diabetes, it is even more important to see a doctor. Pregnant women should talk with a doctor before taking a diet rich in protein.

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